Travelling Tanzania is not limited to wildlife watching and beach relaxation. There is so much more fun stuff to do! Like for example the adrenaline boosting Zipline in Karatu which will rush you from one ancient baobab tree to the other while enjoying the amazing view of Manyara. Caught your attention – then let us start the adventure together! From the young and modern office of TanZip in Mto

  Tanzania is Africa’s leader of ethnic and cultural diversity! Over 120 tribes share the country and live together in peace – something, the Tanzanians are very proud of! But it was not always like that. Before colonialization tribes were regularly fighting over land, cattle and power. An ethnic group in the Northern Tanzania suffered especially. But they also had some very clever ways of protecting themselves. The Chagga tribe

  Four wheels on the ground, the engine roaring, the wind blowing in your face and the adrenaline rushing through your body – the fascination of cars isn’t anything new! But is it always fun? On the way to work, the second hour in traffic jam or while you’re in a hurry on the way to the airport? Forget about cars only as transport and think of cars as an

  The sounds of nature in your ears, sitting relaxed on a luxury veranda and the aroma of coffee filling the air around you. All of this is to be found at the Elewana Arusha Coffee Lodge where your secret coffee dreams will come true.   Not far outside Arusha town, at the foothills of Mount Meru, a huge area of coffee plantations provides a completely different picture of hustling and

  “I simply love dancing. And after struggling to get the support of my family at first, this job is my life now. Dancing changed my life. While others didn’t have anything, I got something I was really good at.” Brayson Silas, Dancer of the Cultural Arts Center (second from left)     ‘From the day we are born until we are gone, it’s all music and dance’ By Katharina