Samwel Barie Dodo

My name is Samwel Bariye Dodo(Sam).Working as Safari Guide for almost 11 years become as a part and parcel in my life.I found it like…not just a job but more love and passion.I love nature and every day I find it different.”Dad you must be bored,going out on safari all the time and see the same animals”That is the question from my Daughter(15yrs old) Sandra.My answer to her was just simple like this.Well,it is the same animals and probably going the same areas but always different..seeing Elephants wallowing in the mud and the same Elephants playing or mating is not the same…for me it makes interesting stories to tell and learn more behavior,I love it.I’m a father of three Children,one daughter Sandra and two Sons,Steve(10) and Jonathan(4)

My stories begin working with Gibbs Farm Safari as a Cook,Waiter and sometimes working in office and garage.My dream was to be a competent Guide who loves nature and who can be able to share the experiences with the clients.Later 2007 decide to leave the Company and work with French Company  as a professional Guide.I guided for almost ten years till 2017 August when I decided to join Excellent Guides Tours and Safari Team.

Speaking French and little Hebrew as well.

In the same year 2017 August,I had an opportunity traveling going through many Countries in Africa.This was awesome experience,a life time experience!!I was traveling with a person in a wheel chair for more than 20 years in a wheel chair.Sleeping and cooking in the car..we drove over 44,000km!!!We finish the trip in Cape town last year May.Took almost 7 months driving.I wrote a little blog to share my experience with you..but the blog is in Swahili anyway,started editing it into English in some part and the rest still in Swahili looking forward to translate into English soon.Here is the blog.

Nature is amazing and lots of things to learn.”Enjoying and love what you are doing”.

Most Guided Parks by Samwel

  • Serengeti National Park
  • Lake Manyara National Park
  • Tarangire National Park
  • Arusha National Park
  • Ngorongoro Conservation Area(Crater)
  • Mkomazi National Park
  • Lake Duluti(Bird watching)