Honeymoon Safari

Tanzania is one of Africa’s premium honeymoon destinations in Africa. The ease of combining, a top quality safari with the beaches of Zanzibar make Tanzania one of the first countries to consider when choosing a honeymoon to Africa. Hot air balloon safaris, beautiful tree houses, outdoor dinners in the middle of the Serengeti, Zanzibar’s beaches, this is a fantastic honeymoon destination and has superb weather year around.

Apparently, the choice of your itinerary mostly depends on your budget. There are some mind-blowingly expensive lodges here, and we find that some clients want to splash out at points to get that exceptional lodge.  We would like to stress however that a good lodge or camp is not necessarily about its level of luxury. The key for a good safari is lodge location, guiding, and character. Tanzania has some seriously good lodges at high prices. Below is an overview of lodges at different price levels and an insight into the various parts of the country.

A quick guide to  Tanzania’s main honeymoon areas

Tanzania’s Northern circuit (the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, etc…) guarantees fantastic game viewing and has some absolutely stunning camps, some of which are regarded as some of Africa’s most beautiful, especially for honeymoons. The likes of the Serena Lodges, Sopa Lodges, Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, The Highlands Camp and Serengeti Under Canvas, are extraordinary lodges that offer every luxury you could ever need. With these lodges starting at $500 p.p.p.n. However, they are certainly at the high end of the market Mbuzi Mawe, Sayari, Kubukubu Tented Lodge, Nomads Lamai, Sasakwa, Farufaru, Singita and Tanzania Bush Camp are slightly more affordable yet still superb camps. However, we use the Serengeti’s mobile camps for many honeymoons:. The likes Katikati Tented Camp, Serengeti Wilderness camp and Olakira are more affordable, but still with excellent game viewing and are far more luxurious than clients expect! They come in at between $550 and $800pppn.


Our experience in arranging honeymoons.

We really love organizing African Honeymoons We’ve done thousands of them, and we’re very good at them.  Our in-depth knowledge and experience of all the different lodges and suppliers (both on safari and at the beach) enable us to work with you to create a honeymoon itinerary that is absolutely perfect for you, whether it be remote and rustic or chic and luxurious, and whatever your preferences and budget…  There is a bit more to itinerary planning than you might think; the ‘shape’ of the itinerary is essential.  We like to arrange things such that each place you stay is a little better than the last, so you never suffer that nagging feeling that the last place you visited was better than the current one.