Dedication to Responsible Tourism

We insist on adherence to “Leave no Trace” travel ethics, removing all waste on safari and Kilimanjaro treks and leaving the environment and wildlife untouched.

Eco-Friendly Offices

Our offices have adopted a number of policies to reuse, recycle and conserve wherever possible.
These include:

  •  Paper conservation efforts such as two sided printing
  •  Changes to energy efficient lighting
  •  Powering off computers during lunches and when leaving for the day
  •  Using recycled paper where possible (including our price list)
  •  Providing more information by email and internet, reducing printed documents
  • In our workshops.

We have taken a number of steps in our workshops to make sure that we can reduce the carbon footprint created by our safaris. These include:

  •  Proper tire inflation
  •  Engine tune-ups to improve fuel consumption
  •  Recycling of oil
  •  Driver training on driving techniques to reduce fuel usage
  • Environmental Education.

We work with the Green Living Project in an effort to educate individuals and communities on sustainable practices, with the goal of inspiring people to adopt Eco-conscious methods in their own day-to-day lives.