Tanzania: Arusha, Mandara Hut, Horombo Hut, Kibo Hut ,
6 Days
Starting from $4,990
2024 / 2025

9 Day Lemosho Route

Embark on the less-traveled, awe-inspiring Lemosho Route with EXCELLENT GUIDE TOURS. This remote and unspoiled path winds through the stunning Shira Plateau, offering a unique perspective of Kilimanjaro's majestic western Breach. As you follow the south circuit, the journey culminates in the accessible Barafu Route. Along this adventure, we're joined by an armed ranger to ensure safety in the forest, where wildlife still roams freely. Experience Kilimanjaro like never before on the Lemosho Route.


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Day 0 Kilimanjaro International Airport Welcome | Moshi

Arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport, Transfer to Moshi, and Overnight at a Comfortable Lodge with Bed and Breakfast. Your adventure begins as you land at Kilimanjaro International Airport. You'll be met by our friendly team who will whisk you away to Moshi, your home base for the upcoming trek. After the journey, settle into a cozy lodge where you can relax and recharge with a delightful bed and breakfast.

Day 1 Londorosi Park Gate

Altitude: 2,200 m - 2,780 m Hiking distance: 7 km Hiking time: 5 hours As the sun paints the horizon with its first rays, you'll start your day with a hearty breakfast. The adventure begins as we embark on a scenic drive to the Londorosi Park Gate, an approximately 5-hour journey. Along the way, keep your camera ready, as the Shira plateau offers remarkable opportunities to spot magnificent wildlife roaming freely. Upon reaching the gate, you'll step onto the trail that leads you to Mti Mkubwa Camp. Here, amidst the untouched wilderness, you'll set up camp, creating your own cozy haven in nature's embrace. As the day gently transforms into night, savor a delicious dinner, filling the crisp mountain air with delightful aromas..

Day 2 Mti Mkubwa Camp

Mti Mkubwa Camp | Shira Camp 1 Altitude: 2,780 m – 3,500 m Hiking distance: 5 km Hiking time: 4–5 hours As the dawn breaks over the African plains, relish a nourishing breakfast that fuels your spirit for the day ahead. Your journey unfolds with a hike from Mti Mkubwa Camp to the enchanting Shira Camp 1, where the altitude gracefully rises from 2,780 meters to 3,500 meters. This portion of the trek typically takes around 5 hours, offering ample opportunities for acclimatization – a vital step on this grand adventure. Along the way, the mighty west face of Kibo volcano, fondly known as Kilimanjaro, watches over you, an awe-inspiring guardian of these lands. Upon reaching Shira Camp 1, you'll pause for a well-deserved lunch, refueling for the journey ahead. The campsite provides a picturesque setting to set up your shelter for the night. Here, you can choose to rest and rejuvenate or embark on an optional day hike, exploring the lower moorland adorned with thriving shrubs and vibrant wildflowers. Nature's beauty surrounds you, promising an unforgettable experience. Regenerate .

Days 3 Shira Camp to Barranco Camp

Shira Camp 1 | Shira Camp 2 Altitude: 3,500m – 3,840 m Hiking distance: 5 km Hiking time: 5–6 hours As the sun graces the horizon, you'll greet the day with a hearty breakfast, brimming with energy for the adventures that lie ahead. With Shira Camp 2 as your destination, you'll embark on a short but exhilarating hike after breaking camp. This leg of the journey offers not only breathtaking vistas but also serves as a vital acclimatization day. As you traverse the terrain, the ever-changing landscape unfolds around you, a testament to the diverse beauty of Kilimanjaro. With each step, you'll find yourself drawn deeper into the heart of this natural wonder, forging a connection with the mountain and its storied history. Shira Camp 2 beckons as your haven for the night, perched at an altitude of 3,840 meters, where you'll find both rest and inspiration in the highland serenity.

Days 4 Barranco Camp

Altitude: 3,840 m – 3,960 m Hiking distance: 11 km Hiking time: 7–8 hours Today, the trail leads you eastward, revealing a mesmerizing semi-desert landscape adorned with rugged rocks. Your journey takes you to the formidable Lava Tower, a striking pinnacle that reaches an impressive altitude of 4,630 meters. This leg of the trek lasts about five hours, and it's here, at the iconic Lava Tower, where you'll pause for a well-deserved lunch. The setting, albeit stark, is uniquely captivating, providing a dramatic backdrop to your midday respite. As you ascend the rocky scree path to Lava Tower, situated at a dizzying altitude, you might notice the first signs of altitude-related effects, such as breathlessness, irritability, or mild headaches. These sensations are common as you venture higher into Kilimanjaro's realm. Following your rejuvenating lunch, a descent of approximately 680 meters leads you to the welcoming embrace of Barranco Camp, nestled in a picturesque valley beneath the imposing Breach and Great Barranco Wall. This is where the true benefits of acclimatization become apparent, as you've now touched the lofty heights of 4,600 meters at Lava Tower. Descending to Barranco Camp takes about two hours, affording you ample opportunities to capture the awe-inspiring beauty of the Western Breach and Breach Wall in your photographs. As the day's sunlight wanes, you'll relish the breathtaking sunset views before savoring a sumptuous dinner at Barranco Camp, where you'll spend the night.

Day 5 Karanga Camp

Altitude: 3,960 m – 4,035 m Hiking distance: 5 km Hiking time: 5 hours Following a hearty breakfast, the day begins with your departure from Barranco Camp, setting the stage for an adventurous hike up the famous Barranco Wall. This challenging ascent typically takes about an hour to conquer. Your efforts will be rewarded with spectacular views and a sense of accomplishment as you reach the top. From there, your journey continues to Karanga Camp, a trek marked by a series of ascents and descents. The trail leads you through this captivating landscape, allowing you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Kilimanjaro. An afternoon acclimatization hike further prepares you for the challenges ahead, enhancing your chances of summit success.

Day 6; Karanga Camp

Acclimatization Day Today is dedicated to acclimatization, a crucial step in ensuring your readiness for the summit bid. After a satisfying breakfast, embark on an acclimatization hike toward Barafu Camp. This strategic maneuver allows you to adapt to the higher altitudes, significantly increasing your chances of reaching the summit. Later in the day, return to Karanga Camp for dinner and a restful night's sleep.

Day 7 Barafu Camp

Altitude: 4,035 m – 4,640 m Hiking distance: 5 km Hiking time: 5 hours Today's journey takes you to Barafu Camp, an exposed and challenging location situated at an altitude of 4,640 meters. Here, the tents are pitched on a narrow, stony ridge, creating an environment that demands caution and familiarity with the terrain, especially after dark. With the summit a further 1,345 meters above, you'll spend the night preparing for the ultimate ascent. Organize your equipment, ensure your ski sticks are ready, and don thermal clothing. Vital tasks include replacing headlamp and camera batteries, and it's wise to carry your water in a thermal flask to prevent freezing. Head to bed around 19:00, aiming to secure up to five hours of essential rest and sleep.

Day 8 Summit to Mweka Camp

Your summit day commences around 23:30. After a light meal of tea and biscuits, you'll set forth into the inky darkness. Your route leads northwesterly, ascending through challenging scree terrain toward Stella Point on the crater rim. This grueling six-hour climb to Stella Point proves to be the most mentally and physically demanding part of the journey for many climbers. At Stella Point (5,685 meters), you'll pause briefly and be treated to a breathtaking sunrise, weather permitting. From here, your remaining two-hour ascent to Uhuru Peak is often covered in pristine snow. Your time at the summit will depend on prevailing weather conditions. It's crucial not to linger for too long, as cold and fatigue can make resuming the journey challenging. Revel in your accomplishment, savor this unforgettable day, and begin the descent to Barafu Camp, which takes about three hours. At Barafu Camp, you'll enjoy a well-deserved, albeit brief, rest as you gather your belongings. Then, it's time to descend to Mweka Camp for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 9 Mweka Park Gate to Moshi

Altitude: 3,090 m – 1,650 m Hiking distance: 10 km Hiking time: 4-5 hours Following breakfast, your descent from Mweka Camp commences, leading you down to Mweka Park Gate. This part of the journey is characterized by a muddy and, at times, long walk. Upon arriving in Mweka Village, you'll be driven to the Lodge, where a delicious hot lunch and a long-awaited hot shower await. Here, at the lodge, you'll have the opportunity to show your appreciation by offering tips to your hardworking team, a gesture that is highly recommended and greatly appreciated. It is also at this point that successful climbers receive their summit certificates. Climbers who reached Stella Point (5,685 meters) are presented with green certificates, while those who conquered Uhuru Peak (5,895 meters) proudly receive certificates.

Day 10 Moshi to Kilimanjaro Airport – Farewell to Kilimanjaro

After an early breakfast, it's time to bid farewell to Kilimanjaro and embark on your journey homeward. Your transfer will take you to Kilimanjaro Airport for your departure flight, marking the end of your incredible adventure on Africa's highest peak. This concludes our service, and we hope you carry the memories of this remarkable journey with you for a lifetime. Safe travels!

Included & Excluded
  • Two nights’ accommodation, first and last breakfast inclusive
  • Transportation to and from the Airport/pick up point as well as starting and the finishing point on the mountain
  • Qualified guides with mountain crew
  • National park feed
  • Hut/tent fees & Rescue fees
  • Flying Doctor Coverage
  • Guides, porters, cook, waiter salaries
  • Boiled water on the mountain
  • Cutlery/ crockery/eating utensils
  • All meals on the mountain (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Guides, porters, waiter, cook accommodation and entry fees on the mountain..
  • Single room supplements at Chanya lodge except on the 1- person climb (private climb)
  • Guides, porters, cook and waiters Tips
  • Meals and drinks not specified
  • Gear for your climb\items of personal nature.
  • Entry visa to Tanzania
  • Additional nights beyond the two standard hotel nights included
  • TIPS to your guide, hotel staff, and porters
  • Emergency oxygen


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