What are the best places and activities not to miss during Tanzania Safari?

Tanzania is a diverse destination with so many exciting things to see and to do during a safari, sometimes it even hard to put every detail in words. It can be a bit overwhelming to try to figure out which best safari experience not to miss on your own. But if I have to tell you what would be the best safari experience not to miss in Tanzania I would tell you this. In Tanzania, you will get a wonderful experience the adventure trip that gives the real thrill and takes into a whole new world of pleasure. Speaking of the best safari experience is when you have the chance to see the diverse number of all wild animals found in Africa, thanks to the numerous national parks distributed on the land. Be on the Northern, Western or Southern part of Tanzania, travelers have an excess of safari options for a memorable trip.

Serengeti is an essence of an African safari, boasting the largest diversity of wildlife than any game park in Africa. With an endless grassland savannah as far as the eyes can see, you can easily spot lions, cheetah, leopard, buffalo, rhinos, elephants and other animals. Serengeti is famous for its iconic nature’s greatest displays, the annual migration of over a million wildebeests and zebras stampeding to cross Mara River.

Tanzania Safari

Ngorongoro Crater
Ngorongoro is nothing short of a natural zoo enclave largest ecosystem in the world in a huge bowl which acts as a natural enclosure. Looking 600m down the crater from the rim is spectacular, undoubtedly one of the most exclusive and rewarding places on the earth for wildlife watching. Animals are evenly distributed in the huge bowl-shaped hole in the earth. Ngorongoro is known for reliable Big 5 sightings. For years, Maasai communities dwelling within this area have maintained a harmonious relationship with wildlife.

Tanzania Safari

Selous Game Reserve
One of the best things about Tanzania is the fact there is plenty to see for every type of traveler, Selous Game Reserve is an ideal safari destination for those who wish to go off beaten path to escape the mainstream spots. It’s the largest game reserve in Africa and the fact that it’s not crowded provides an unlimited opportunity for viewing animals. At Selous Game reserve you can get out of jeep taking a walking safari with an armed guard, fishing or canoeing along Rufiji River see a herd of elephants drinking and playing in the river from a close proximity. It’s also the home to the largest population of African wild dogs Africa’s most successful predator.

Gombe and Mahale
These spectacular parks in Western Tanzania along Lake Tanganyika Africa second largest and deepest freshwater body are the closest thing to how paradise should be like. If you are going to spend your quality time in Tanzania going off beaten path Gombe and Mahale are the places to be, never miss out on a chance to explore the wonders of nature. The parks are perfect for outdoors with many activities to engage infamous for chimpanzee tracking, and other primates’ species like vervet and colobus monkeys, baboons’, plus birds viewing, and sport fishing. There is nothing that can be compared to waking up to a sight of nature and experience life in the most peaceful phase.

Balloon Safari
If you’re an adamant safari lover and want some enchanting peaceful safari experience, hot air balloon is an answer. Floating along the winds observing the beautiful scenery and animals’ movement from the top, then hot air balloon ride over an endless plain of Serengeti is a never miss adventure you must go for it. Watching the countless number of animals running and foraging from the top angle will surely mesmerize you.
Tanzania Safari
Camping Safari
There are several outstanding sites within parks and game reserves allowing visitors to spend a few nights and get close to nature. This means you got more personal experience with mature as you move along with animals’ though remote areas of the park. Camping and sitting around bonfire narrating safari tales of the day, it’s an experience of its own. With the help of your guide, you are going to have a memorable camping experience as they are more familiar with their way through the park and enable you to get the best safari.

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Camping Safari

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