Adventure on 4 wheels


Four wheels on the ground, the engine roaring, the wind blowing in your face and the adrenaline rushing through your body – the fascination of cars isn’t anything new! But is it always fun? On the way to work, the second hour in traffic jam or while you’re in a hurry on the way to the airport? Forget about cars only as transport and think of cars as an experience!! You can have your personal adventure on 4 wheels now here in Arusha! We have two ideas for you:


4 Wheeling Tanzania

“Drive yourself to explore” is the motto with which Moses Wantay, the owner of 4 Wheeling Tanzania, invites you to experience an amazing adventure trip on one of the ATV Quadbikes!

Driving down the dusty roads outside town and exploring the rural areas of Arusha on 4 wheels is a special experience to make! Wantay is a Maasai and invites you to visit his homeland on your drive near Ngorongoro or Mount Meru. Drive alone, with your friends or family along traditional Masai houses and schools, experience nature closer and with more adventure than ever. 4 Wheeling Tanzania also offers birthday rides with two little quadbikes in their stock.









You can decide if you want to do a full day tour of 6 hours or shorter trips from one to three hours. A practice session on the grounds of the Arusha Coffee Lodge is included. Agness Mokasa is the only quadbike-guide in Arusha and the job is her passion. With her by your side you will have one of the best days in your adventurous life!

You don’t live in Arusha? No problem, they also have a 4 Wheeling Station in Karatu from where you can visit Lake Eyasi and take a sunset ride.

All information you can find again on their homepage


Arusha GoKarting

If you are a fan of Formula 1 then Arusha GoKarting is exactly the right place! Low-lying cars, fancy helmets, sharp corners and your fans on the sidelines. Enjoy a 26m long adventure ride for 10 minutes, where the road belongs only to you! Prove your speed and break the record of 19 laps!

Nickson Thobias, together with his team of GoKarting Professionals, will guide you through the whole process and make sure everyone is safe and the cars are within safety standards at all times!

Arusha Emusement & GoKarting is an Adventure Park for the whole family! Besides rocking the ring, you will find a restaurant with delicious food, a children’s playground, jumping castle, souvenir & gems shop and much more!








And Kaushal Shah, the owner of the park, has much more planned for the future. Within this year there will be a Paintball Room, a rough climbing hall – and then as the next project a huge gaming zone. So don’t hesitate to visit now and then again later, because there will be always new things to explore!

Find more information and contact Arusha GoKarting on their Facebook Page: @Arusha Emusement & Go Karting
by Katharina Stein


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